The Enchantment of flowers inspiration

Aromas of jasmine budding in late August; glimpses of Bougainvillea against blue Queensland skies, HOME. Making daisy chains and lying all day on green grass. Falling in love and falling out of love, fresh picked posies from neighbour’s gardens. I’M SORRY. Treating yourself to bunches from the market to brighten a room; remembering your mother’s favourite flower, CHERISH. Your grandmother’s garden, ageing hands replacing bulbs for the winter. Valentine’s Day, ANTICIPATION. Saying I DO, seasons, emotions and choosing the perfect bloom, TRADITION. Signature scents misting on wrists and sealing promises, JOY. Effflorescent smells that take us back in time, almost forgotton, THANK YOU. Flowers cast their sacred spell through out lives. They are the GODDESSES of our earth. Written by Brie Stevenson

TheLaneTheLaneTheLaneTheLaneTheLaneTheLaneTheLaneTheLaneTheLaneTheLaneFlorist: B Sweet Flowers Photographer: Jessica Aleece Hair & Make Up: Brie Stevenson  Stylist: The Collector & Co Jewellery: Pieces Jewellery Cake: Brown Bettys Bakery  Stationery: Love Notes Venue: Mavis Kitchen  Model: Caroline Wilson

As seen on The Lane

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